Friday, March 6, 2009

I want to live in a magazine

Some days I get home and sit on the couch, flip through Pottery Barn's latest catalogue, and wonder why they never have dishes in their sink. Last week I took a stroll through the Crate and Barrel showroom and wanted to move in. I am seriously considering using only disposable kitchen products from now on. Justin has determined that our volcano of dishes is directly correlated with my cooking extravaganzas and I don't disagree, but its hard to care about how many dishes you're dirtying when you are making delicious mango sorbet, or trying some new experimental recipe. I also think that the mess in my house is compounded by the fact that I have too much stuff. My latest philosophy is that if I get rid of stuff there won't be a mess. You can't have a sink full of dishes if you don't own a sink full of dishes. It hasn't seemed to work yet, mostly because I keep buying stuff. If IKEA would stop making cute cheap kitchen items I would be happy to stop purchasing them. Probably. Alas, I am a consumer. I did stop subscribing to Real Simple after I realized that their real simple solutions cost a fortune. Sure I would like to make over my walk-in closet, but I would have to build a walk-in closet first. So what do you do to control the day-to-day mess? Any tips or tricks from real life?

The latest update on my bamboo flower fence: It is complete. No thanks to me. My loving housemate decided that he would tackle the project in his hours after work, before I arrive home. It took him two days and looks adorable. Almost. Whenever anything new and cute goes into the yard it really accentuates the ugly stuff going on around it, like the peeling picket fence, and the obnoxiously tall sprinkler heads. As I went out to inspect his creation he also pointed out the trampled crocuses. Evidently Jasper can run faster than a fence can be built. I have hopes that they will bounce back. I'll post a picture of the project soon. Maybe after I paint the picket fence and fix the sprinkler head so that you will believe I also live in a magazine.

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  1. I too would like to live in a magazine, but am a bit worried about the lack of furniture that Maxim would have available.