Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh no! Somebunny ate my flowers!

Yep, that's right. I went outside to visit my crocuses after days of being in bed sick and they were nibbled down to the nubbin. I suspect the adorable bunny that I have seen hopping through my yard. It was actually kind of funny since we had just built a little fence to keep Jasper from trampling them. If its not one critter, its another. My day of slaving away planting bulbs: wasted. Justin's day of making aforementioned cute bamboo fence: wasted. I didn't even expect this sort of assault. But don't you worry...I'll think of something.

"Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting* wabbits..."

*No actual wabbits will be harmed in the hunting of these wabbits. Sure, if Jasper catches it I might praise her skillful stealth, but so far she hasn't caught the tree squirrel either. She did once catch a mouse in the snow, which she played with for at least ten minutes without so much as a scratch on the little creature.

I found the picture!

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  1. Reason #14 why you should let Justin have a gun.

    NOTE: Reason #s 3-7 involve zombies.