Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Porch garden

One of our goals this summer is to grow a vegetable garden on our porch. Last year we tried using the raised beds already in our yard, but a combination of knowing nothing about vegetable gardens, being overly ambitious with the crop selection, and a crazy amount of weeds amounted to few successful vegetables. We also had quite a few moles, slugs, and a cat that liked to use the beds for a litter box. It's still snowing in the Cascades and my horticulture guru says he doesn't plant until May, but I can't help but dream of the organic fruits of my labor. Also, some of our crops can be started in the greenhouses soon. Here is a link to what you can start planting and prepping in your garden.

Here are a few other pages I have found that I will be reading up on:
How to grow veggies in pots
Best crops for pots
Summer veggies in pots

We plan to build rectangular planter boxes for the porch out of some scrap lumber so project photos will follow when the day comes. Until then I will be researching crops, hunting for good planter box designs, and praying for sunshine.


  1. Given the large tract of land at your disposal, I'm wondering if I could plant some stuff on the back 40. I shall split the spoils of our crop with you and Justin 95/5.

  2. Oooh, my commune dream is coming to fruition! Now I just need some goats and a pair of overalls.

  3. Hi Brooke
    So it's been a while, but I saw the link to your blog on gchat, and well... here I am. Given the nature of this post, I thought you might want to check out urbangardenshare.com. It's a site that Jesse helped get up and running along with some avid gardener folks he knows. It's a great concept: connecting want-to-be gardeners with peeps that have land and want a garden, but may not have the time or know how to garden. The site helps connect the two so they can work out some kind of exchange (e.g., "I'll provide the dirt, if you provide the seeds and skill and teach me along the way..."), and everyone can get what they want in the end - yummy organic dirt candy!
    I hope you don't mind my plugging Jesse's work on your blog, but it just seemed fitting since you mentioned you lacked gardening experience. Anywho, I'm diggin your blog :) Erin

  4. Shit. It's urbangardenshare.org. Whoopsie...

  5. Erin, thanks for the great website. Brilliant. Oh, and I'm glad you're still alive.