Friday, March 13, 2009

Sicky McSickerstein

Well, I'm sick. So there. I tried to fight it yesterday by spending the whole day in bed, but alas it's eating my body anyway. I'm especially bummed because I was supposed to take a trip to see some good friends, but one should avoid pregnant people and new babies when sick. So I will be quarantined to my home for the weekend. Yesterday I slept from 6am-10am, and then from 11am-2pm. Then I got up and looked into our empty fridge and felt hopeless. I oped for eating a bowl of dry cheerios instead of going to the store since I could hardly stand for more than 10 minutes. Then I noticed that my house was filthy and proceeded to clean it. Somehow that made me feel better. Then I took another nap. When I got up at about 4pm I was staaaaarving and looked in the empty fridge again. And then the freezer. And hooray, a tupperware of frozen soup. Last fall I was on this soup kick and used our funky garden carrots to make an overabundance of carrot soup. I say funky because we had started them as seeds in the greenhouse, and then transplanted them into the planter beds in April, and somewhere in the process (maybe the transplanting, maybe the snow, maybe the soil) they decided to become deformed and literally braided themselves. Not one big carrot, but a whole bunch of weird five+ strands of braided carrotness. It was kind of disturbing. The only thing I could figure to do with them was make soup, since I didn't really want to look at them in their freakiness. Anyway, my point is, making soup is really easy, and its great for the freezer, especially when you're sick, and starving, and too tired to cook. I'll post my carrot soup recipe on Monday when I'm done being sick. Until then, zzzzzzzzz....


  1. Don't be sick! Let's talk soon about how we love being dog owners.

  2. I have a few different kinds of soup in our freezer just for that purpose. The only problem is I never feel like eating them when I am sick.