Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bad idea

Sometimes I get these ideas into my head that seem fabulous at the time, but quite honestly, I don't always think of the outcome. On Saturday, I decided that it was essential that I bake a batch of cinnamon rolls. My friend Matt was doing a marathon drive on his way to Washington, Justin was off on a fishing trip, and I had a sweet tooth. So off I went to the store to buy $18 worth of ingredients for cinnamon rolls because for some reason I didn't have enough of any one ingredient in my house. Also, I've never made cinnamon rolls before so I didn't want to deviate from the recipe. I couldn't chance potentially inactive yeast, or soy milk instead of whole milk. The results could be catastrophic. So I set to my task using this recipe*. Here's my progress...

Have you ever made cinnamon rolls? It takes a looooong time. The dough has to rise a bunch of times and you have to knead it for an eternity (actually about 8 minutes, but still...). Finally, they were finished. What, might you ask was this bad idea? Well, friends. After they came out of the oven, it was just me and 12 huge cinnamon rolls. What's a girl to do?

* Notes on the recipe: In step 4 you don't actually need that much butter. I used 4 T on each and that still felt like a repulsive amount of butter. You also only really need about a cup of sugar for the cinnamon/sugar mixture (not 1 1/4). Be sure you keep and eye on your rolls--my oven must be hot, because they were done at about 25 min. I didn't like the icing recipe. Way too sweet, way too much vanilla. I tried to thin it with more water, and also warmed it on the stove so the sugar would melt smoother but it was still way too...gross. The rolls plain were delicious though, so I definitely would use the recipe again, were I inspired to spend another entire day baking. Which I probably won't.


  1. There is an unpleasant absence of these from my stomach.

  2. I have a tried and true recipe for them on my page. It's been passed down, and is well loved by everyone. I know they are time consuming, but they are so much better than store bought, and your house smells cozy for a few days, too.