Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project time

Okay, I might be going insane because I could swear I already wrote this post, but then again I used to get sent to my room to clean it and then fall asleep and dream that I was cleaning my room and then I would wake up and think, Oh no! I have to do it again, in real life! So, maybe I didn't really write this. Or maybe it's all a dream....whoa too deep for this blog.
My new project is to rip out the picket fence along the front of our house, and put in a new wire and wood fence. Coming home from work the other day I saw a really cool fence and said "I'm doing that."
So here we are. The current fence is old and falling down and the gate is barely hanging on, so this will be a much needed improvement. We're also pulling out some obnoxious bushes that take up room in our yard for no asthetic reason that I can tell. I'm still in the planning phase--I need to measure the length and figure out the number of 4x4s, amount of wire etc. But the plan is to get it built soon so that I can grow flowers, and even climbing veggies up it this summer. Oh the summer time dreams... Here is the current (ie "Before") picture:

Do you see that bright spot at the top of the picture? That's called the SUN! I know. I hardly believe it myself. But don't you worry, the forecast is calling for rain again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day...
Hopefully the "After" picture will be coming soon, along with some photos of the project.


  1. I'm thinking barbed wire offset by a nice mauve. Win!

  2. Well, it's sunny AND rainy today. I guess we shouldn't expect too much straight up sun, right.