Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost done!

It was a busy weekend on the farm. With the posts finally set and the string strung, we were able to start building. Which meant that we had to get the lumber and wire to start the aforementioned building. So while Justin and his dad made a trek to the lumber yard and the farm supply (for the wire), our loyal buddy Charles rode his bike out from the city (about 17 miles...), and we wielded shovels, rakes, and hoes and worked on digging out and leveling the beds. I will note that I forgot to put on sun screen that day, and now have a true farmers tan. How authentic...

I won't go into the long and complex details of building the fence, mostly because there were soooo many steps that I honestly don't remember all of them, so sorry this won't be the tutorial you were dreaming of. I will say that a string level is a handy tool. There was an endless amount of measuring, straightening, and discussion on whether or not our ideas made any sense. It was a good thing we had three people working on the project. There is honestly a lot to consider when building a fence on even a slight slope and being total amateurs made it particularly amusing.

Here are some photos of the process. Justin and I have since cut the posts to add the caps, and I used a power drill for the very first time! Hopefully we'll finish up this week and I can take some final pictures. Once this project is complete I hope to get back to the kitchen and post some new recipes.


  1. Why that is one fine looking fence, and an especially dead-sexy looking helper dude you have there. :D (No, not Jasper.) :p

  2. It looks like someone is about to get hurt in that last picture...