Friday, June 5, 2009

Fence project

On April 8th I posted my one of my summer "goal" projects, which we have finally begun! Actually, a while ago Justin did rip out all the bushes to get started, but its sort of been on pause ever since. I drew up the plans the other day, took the measurements, and got all approved by the foreman (aka Uncle Bruce). And then I realized that I didn't actually know the steps required to build a fence. My brother reminded me, "don't forget the string" (a critical element to making it straight and level), and my uncle pointed out that rather than buying 8' posts we should buy 12' because we'll only need 6' lengths for each but they don't sell 6's. Hmmm...we hadn't thought of that.

To begin we had to knock down the current fence, dig out the cemented posts, dig up the roses, dig up some other flowers, and haul away the debris. I will point out that this is actually hard work and took a heck of a lot longer than I thougth it would. Also, in the process we managed to break a pipe. Oops.

This weekend I will rototill the ground to even out the dirt and we'll probably need to add some soil as well. That will also help for when we make the plant beds along the new fence. Then we need to string, measure out the distance, dig holes for the posts, drop the posts, pour concrete and let that set for a couple days to firm. Then the real building begins. I'll keep you post-ed! (hahaha)

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