Friday, June 19, 2009


The fence is 99.9% finished! The gate is on and functional, the fence line is complete (keeping Jasper IN the yard) and we just have to trim down a couple more posts and add caps. I didn't take any pictures due to the downpour, but will post some on Monday. Thanks Justin, Justin's dad, and Charles for your hard work. Also thank you Internet for providing important instructions/pointers/clarification on how to actually build a fence and functional gate.

However, loyal readers, I need your help. No, you don't have to help me shovel dirt (though if you really want to...). The plan is to create beds along the length of the fence, which is about 75', and plant some climbing veggies (peas, beans, etc) and lots of flowers. And so I would like to know, what is your favorite flower? I'd love to plant some favorite flowers or plants of my readers (varieties that will grow in the PNW), that way you can truly be a part of the farm, aka LoveDog Ranch. So let's see what we come up with...comment and let me know your pick!


  1. My favorite flower in the whole wide world is the tulip!!! It is an amazing flower for many reasons...they grow out of strong bulbs that are hidden sometimes deep underground that give them an unseen strength. Each bulb usually only produces a single flower laden stem that gives off an individual beauty that is almost soulful when blooming radiantly. And so yeah...tulip...good!! :)

  2. How about sweat peas? I think that is what they are called, and I think they are climbing as well.