Monday, July 13, 2009

LoveDog Mobile

This just in: LoveDog Ranch hits the road in the new LoveDog Mobile! And by new, I mean 1989. But don't you worry. The plan is to gussy up this gem and hit the American highways and campgrounds.

I came up with the idea to buy a tent trailer after pondering the conundrum of living 16 hours from the California homestead; owning a dog, but hating the quality of dog friendly hotels; and wanting a comfortable place to stay without putting anybody out. I also had fond memories of my grandparents, who would roll up with their tent trailer and set up camp in our driveway for a visit. We're excited to use it this summer and even into the fall, because with a tent trailer, a little rain is nothing to fear. And with weather in the PNW being what it is, rain is always likely.

The grand makeover is currently in process so I will save the interior shots for the "before and after" reveal, but I'm hoping to have most of it done by Saturday. (I'm all about bold deadlines).

In unrelated news, the porch garden is looking great. We ate the first zucchini this weekend, and are still waiting for the tomatoes to turn red (we'll even take red-ish) but there are tons of them. Worst case scenario I am making fried green tomatoes. We had one of the jalapenos but it had little to no heat. Does anyone know what affects the heat of a jalapeno?
1) Zucchini. 2) Tomatoes in the corners, marigolds in the middle, cucumbers in front.


  1. I know where I'll be sleeping on Saturday.

  2. I think i've read that the growing conditions of the jalapeno greatly affect it's spiciness. The more stress the plant is under the hotter it will be. So try showing your plant a little less love(i know this will be difficult for you :P) by giving it less water and light or maybe crowd the plants a bit more and it should produce more capsaicin thus making it hotter! :) Hope this helps! btw...sweet trailer!!

  3. You are so kickass. I love that we're friends. We're still friends, right?