Friday, July 17, 2009

Shout out!

HAPPY HAPPY 30th Birthday to Justin!

Justin enjoys fishing, kayaking, glassblowing, talking about glassblowing, and Hales Cream Stout. He loves canadian bacon and pineapple pizza and his all time favorite dessert is Rice Krispies Treats. He's teaching himself to play the banjo and just built his first fence. When he grows up he wants to be: relaxed.

Justin's superpower: he ages backwards.


  1. Happy Birthday Justin!!!!

    Can't wait to celebrate on Saturday. I'll bring the remote for the TV so you can stay ultra relaxed as you watch movies on the big screen.

  2. I love that kind of pizza, too, but no one in my family does so I never get it. I should have made that instead of ice cream. At least I would have someone to share it with. Can't wait until tonight.