Monday, August 3, 2009

Tent trailer: Phase 1

Hello, hello, we're back at the ranch! We had a great adventure in the tent trailer, drove many miles, saw lots of friends, visited with the family, and took lots of pictures along the way. Speaking of pictures, as promised (oh so long ago), the photos of the tent trailer... I'm calling this Phase 1, instead of "After" since we've come up with a few more fix-its along the way.
In the before picture you can see a wooden storage box which we ripped out, and then extended the step to make more space. There were some holes on the wood surface so we had to fill them in, then primed and painted over the top. I plan to paint texture onto the dark brown surfaces so its not as glossy, and masks some of the surface blemishes. I took down all the fringe/skirt along the top of the tent trailer and made a new one. I also made new curtain ties and cushion covers.
Another view of the dining area:

The kitchen area was one of the more dramatic changes. As soon as we got the tent trailer I immediately removed all the doors, since it seemed impractical to have swinging doors in such a tight space. We added a new counter surface that could bear weight and that was easier to clean. I painted the rest of the surfaces and made curtains for the cupboard areas.
We swapped out the plastic drawer pulls with nickel and added a dish towel rack. We cleaned up the rust on the stove and repainted it with high temp paint (not pictured).

View of the other "bedroom". We added a new mattress pad from Ikea to make the bed a little softer and to cover some damage on the existing mattress.
Most of the materials for this project we either had already, or found for super cheap at Ikea. We still plan to add wood flooring (left over from another project--thanks Erin!) in place of the linoleum, but that might not be for a while with this heat wave we've been having. We also may replace the counter surface around the sink with some leftover material my dad offered up. Hooray for free stuff! I'll post a final picture when we finish the rest.
Project total to date: $65.oo
mattress pad: $5
fabric for fringe & seats: $5
velcro: $4
counter: $1
towel rail: $2
drawer pulls: $0
rug: $10
pillow: $15
sandpaper $0
white spray primer (2 cans) $7
white paint $0
white caulk $4
high temp paint $5
masking tape $3
drop cloth $0
roller brush $4
paint brush $0
espresso spray paint $0


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with you. I could never pull this off, and if I did, the total would be in the thousands to repair all of our mistakes.

  2. What kind of paint did you use on the cupboards?? I just bought a trailer and looking to spruce it up! Thanks

    1. I used a high gloss bathroom paint since I knew white would get a little dirty in a camper and would also be exposed to moisture. Easy to wipe off, and has held up to the abuse!

  3. Awesome! Just bought an older tent trailer, I can now imagine the possibilities...

    1. Would love to see your before and afters! Good luck!

  4. Did you sew your cushion covers to be removable? If so, how?

  5. Yes, I sewed a velcro strip to the under side of each cushion. So they close sort of like a giant envelope if you can picture it.