Monday, October 5, 2009

Adventures in Spokane

Yes, I know my title might sound like a contradiction, but I broadly define an adventure as any experience that deviates from the plan (which is why life itself is an adventure).

I did the solo drive over to the east side of the state on Saturday morning, and arrived to Aubrie and Garrett's in the afternoon. We got a short visit in with Grant, Kristol, and Atalie (and her precious cheeks) and then drove up to Walter's Fruit Ranch in Green Bluff where it's prime season for apples, apple cider, and pumpkins. I have many fond Green Bluff memories from my college years so it was fun to go up with my old college friend & her new baby. Sort of a time travel experience in both directions. We also stopped by Trezzi Farm to pick up some homemade Italian food to go. I haven't tried my pesto lasagna yet, but I have heard rave reviews from Aubrie.

I had planned to do the drive back to the west side Sunday afternoon, but due to a dust/wind storm and the closing of Interstate-90 my return trip was delayed until 6am this morning. Happily, stuck in Spokane did not mean stranded, thanks to the extended hospitality of Aubrie, Garrett, and Claire. Thanks for the delicious soup and apple pie!

My hospitable hosts:

Aubrie & me up at Green Bluff:


Loving the role of "Auntie Brooklyn"

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