Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun find - quick project

I love antique stores. There are some good ones out where I live, and I could spend hours and hours looking at old things. (I am perpetually looking for an old school room style roll down map if anyone happens upon one...but I digress.) Last weekend I came across some great finds, one of which was this old luggage rack.

Now I know it doesn't look like much, but at the same time, I also found some great fabric in a way back room for 50% percent off of practically nothing. And the wheels started turnin'. So after a few dollars, a partial can of white spray paint, and a little zigzag stitching, voila! A new old luggage rack for the guest room.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

World's cutest valentine

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person anymore, but I do still without a doubt swoon at receiving a real hand made valentine. And so, I would like to relay to you the pleasure I had this morning of receiving this absolutely lovely valentine, from the talented Miss Kenzie, previously made internet famous for her creative genius on Jay's (a.k.a. Papa Genius) blog.

I know no better foundation for friendship than both liking art stuff. And check her out, she already knows the power of a shoutout (or her dad bribed her to write that last part in hopes of earning some more web traffic. Smart, very smart, Jay...).
Thanks for my beautiful valentine, Kenzie! I like you too!