Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Any excuse for a party

I admit it. Sometimes I get carried away. When Brittany said we should do dinner, I said, “You guys should come over for dinner Friday night.” Simple enough. And then I went home and thought about menu ideas. And then I made a paper flower . And then I had a theme. And then dinner became “dinner party”. Then I needed an invitation, a clean house, and a cute dress. And so, after a silly but worthwhile amount of preparation for a dinner among six friends, I present to you, the Indoor Garden Party.

In anticipation of warmer spring days,
blooming flowers, and lemonade,
You are invited to an indoor garden party.

The forecast in Seattle is always quite silly,
but inside the house it won't be chilly.
Now you might ask, whatever shall I wear?
Your cutest spring dress, and a flower in your hair.


Tinto and spiked Arnold Palmers
Pastry wrapped asparagus
Pork and vegetable egg rolls
Asian salad w/chile lime vinaigrette, mango, avocado, & broiled scallops
Baked salmon with mango chutney over rice
Raspberry and lemon sorbet

I do realize there probably should be some point to this post. I’m trying to think of something. Oh yeah, theme parties are fun. Why limit stressful housecleaning and decorating madness to official holidays? Have you thrown a theme party? What was your theme?

*A huge shoutout to Brittany for helping out with the cooking and making the delicious asparagus appetizers. Also, fun fact for you.


  1. Next dinner party is at my place! The theme shall be "bacon and zombies".

    Mmmmmm.... zombies.

  2. My God Brooke, you are too much. This reminded me of why you are so loved!

  3. Can you plan my wedding, you are so creative! -Jen

  4. If only I'd know that asparagus fun fact throughout college...

  5. Holy smokes, what a party! Everything looks amazing.

  6. I wish we could have made it, it looked beautiful. Once I graduate, we should go into business together. I make the sweets, and you decorate. I love how creative you are!