Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avery is turning 1!

So if you have been following this blog for a while, you have met my adorable niece Avery Juliet. In case you have forgotten, here she is in all her cuteness.

(This was at Christmas when she was still trying to figure out how to crawl.)

I can hardly believe it, but she is turning 1 in April. I'm super excited to fly down for her birthday weekend, and especially excited to help my sister Leslie decorate for the party. While discussing fun party themes via chat, I decided that I wanted to make Avery a birthday banner. And so, the madness began:

Step 1: Pick out some cute fabric based on how many flags you want, or how long the name is, etc. I chose 3 different fabrics, plus one complimentary color to unify the three. I also bought some white felt squares to use for the letters of her name.

Step 2: Create a stencil in the shape and size that you want and cut the flags accordingly. Before cutting I decided that I needed at least 5 flags for her name, and 2 on either side, so I chose the order (and quantity) of each fabric piece before I began.

Step 3: Cut the complementary border pieces about an inch longer than the flag on either side to allow for a hem. I wanted the border to be an inch wide on top when finished, so I cut each piece to 4 inches. I made a thin hem on each side, but not the top and bottom. Like so...

Then I cuffed the top and bottom so the unsewn edges met in the middle, inserted the flag, and sewed it all together. I sewed pretty close to the bottom of the border because the string has to have room to pass through the top part. (Sorry if this is a bit confusing. Kind of hard to explain).

And flag one is complete! Repeat with each of the flags. Jam your sewing machine at least 10 times and call it bad names (optional).

Step 4: Cut some stencils for the letters, cut the letters out of felt, and sew them to your flags.

Step 5: Start stringing your banner. I wrapped the end of the string in tape (the length of a flag) so that it could pass through easily. Don't forget to start with your front spacer flags, and not the first letter (which I did in the picture and had to take back off. Oops.) Talk your glassblowing boyfriend into hooking you up with cool glass balls to put between each flag. You don't have a glassblowing boyfriend? Order some from mine!

Tie loops on either side and hang! It turned out pretty long, so for the sake of the picture it's pretty swoopy (since I just hooked to the curtain rod), but you get the idea...


  1. This is an awsome project and I love the way you demonstrated it on the blog! So cute. I too enjoy jamming my machine, nearly sewing over my finger nails, and threading the bobbin incorrectly so that it doesn't work...but I digress. Avery is adorable. Good work. We still get compliments on our ornament that Justin made us years ago.

  2. OK, OK, OK, not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I want one of these, too. Not for me, but for each of the kids. Then I could stop purchasing the cheap and ugly ones from the store.