Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Bag

One of my great joys in life is finding perfect gifts for my friends and family. Sometimes that means making the perfect gift. One of my best friends and fellow bibliophile, Natalie, who lives way-too-far-away, just celebrated her birthday. While I couldn't celebrate with her, I did enjoy the weeks leading up to her birthday as I worked on her birthday gift. I came across Sunset's 3 DIY gift baskets not too long ago, and this one was great inspiration.

Here's Natalie's birthday bag:

You can see each item close up here.

This is what I did: I bought a blank canvas tote from the craft store (about $4). Using my fun new fabric ink I stamped away. I tried it out on a sample piece of fabric first, to get an idea of how dark the ink would turn out. Once it was dry I ironed it (through a thin tea towel) to hopefully set the ink and and iron out some of the fold lines in the bag.

I stamped some packing paper as well and wrapped up a bar of handmade soap, tying it up with some jute.

A while back I begged my engineering friend to give me some of his old building plans. I used one of those to wrap her book and also stamped the paper with "DRAFT", "REVIEWED", and "PRIORITY".

I made her a set of magnets using an old map, some clear glass craft stones, some mod podge, and hot glue.

And you remember the notebook.

I hope she had as much fun recieving this bag of goodies as I had making it. Happy birthday, Natalie! I hope it's a great year for you.


  1. You are pretty amazing! I am always inspired by your creations. I'm sure Natalie loved her gift bag.

  2. That's lovely. You've always had such great attention to detail and vision.


  3. You have the best ideas! Maybe we should do a monthly craft party. We can make cute things and snack on yummy treats. Just girls. Boys are boring.