Friday, July 16, 2010

and I'm back! for now...

We just got back from another road trip to California.

Some words to summarize: driving, road construction, camping, dog park, driving, In-N-Out, driving, old friends, washoes, sunshine, swimming, lounging, slack lining, frostys, eating, camping, cooking, dishes, mosquitoes, sunshine, boating, floating, Jasper’s nonstop swimming, campfire, s’mores, bat-in-the-tent-trailer, brother with broom, blueberry pancakes, Avery’s pink polka dot swimsuit, napping, ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, Yosemite, waterfalls, 60th birthdays, El Cid, Texas sheet cake, slack lining, hacky sack, Amy’s 34-week belly, Avery’s kisses, driving, In-N-Out, fireworks in Yreka, driving, driving, home sweet home.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words:

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls a-flowin'

The world's cutest camper

The world's cutest tiny slackliner (and gramps)

The fam

Yosemite Valley. My other home.


  1. "bat-in-the-tent-trailer" - HILARIOUS!! If you have netflix, stream "The Office" season 3, episode 16. That is how I envision your bat encounter!

  2. my eyes are welled up with tears just seeing your family. i miss you guys - such a beautiful bunch!