Friday, July 30, 2010

Confessions of a furniture junkie

I can’t help it. When I see an old, beat up piece of furniture I bring it home with me. (Exhibit A, B, C, D…) Then I walk through my house rearranging furniture so I can make room for it to stay. The problem is, usually when I get something new, my philosophy is to get rid of something. But with my furniture, its gotten to the point where each piece has a story, or hours of elbow grease put into it, and so my house is filling up. Pretty soon I’m going to have to get rid of some of Justin’s furniture. I’m kidding. I’ve already done that.

Last weekend I got this old dresser from a friend:

I couldn’t say no. He was out in her shed, all by himself. He wanted to live in my house, in my bedroom. So he came home with me, and immediately I started working on him. The veneer on the first drawer was warped and split, so I removed the drawer handles, scraped it off, and sanded the surface to remove any glue. I was thinking I would paint the dresser white or ivory in a shabby chic style, or maybe a fun blue. So I sanded all of the drawers, dresser top (getting rid of the water rings), sides, and in-betweens to get it ready for primer. But when I looked at my room, I realized that most of my furniture is antique wood stain, and that white or blue would bring out the busy-ness in the already busy carpet.

So I sanded a little more thoroughly, trying to lighten the dresser top a bit more, and the bottom two drawers to match the lighter top one. And then I called it a day. As you can see in the picture the top drawer is still a bit lighter than the other two, but was less noticeable once I moved it into my room.

If I move him to another room in the house I’ll probably add a couple embossed wood appliqués to the first drawer to replace the ones that were broken off, then paint him from head to toe, but for the time being I think he looks handsome and he’s perfectly at home in my room. Thanks for the project, Judye!

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