Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(Not) a tutorial: Fabric message board

When I was down in California recently, my sister lovingly suggested that I make her a fabric message board for Avery’s room, “so you can put it on your blog!” Thanks, Leslie! Such a fabulous, selfless idea! (I kid…)

I had never made a fabric message board but assumed (correctly) that they can’t be that hard to make. Luckily I already had all the supplies necessary (read: borderline hoarder. "I might need that for something...").

I have an unframed message board in my art room which looks fine, but I wanted hers to have a more finished look, so I started with a plastic 16x20 frame (sans glass). I cut some leftover cork board to fit the frame. Next I cut fabric to wrap around the cork board, ironed the fabric, and used a staple gun to secure it to the board. Then I strung the ribbon, and used the staple gun again. I love staple guns. Where the fabric intersected I added a fabric covered button with a thumb tack hot-glued to the back of the button.

I went outside and spray-painted the frame with heirloom white paint. Then I remembered that I should have sanded the frame a bit to get the paint to stick better. Oops. I let it dry for a while, then added a second coat. The paint was much stronger on the second coat. Once the frame dried really well, I put the covered board into the frame, and then a 16X20 piece of cardboard over the back, and taped that into place. Project complete. Next!

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