Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 3

We left Ogden at 8:30am in plenty of sunshine and quickly crossed into Wyoming. Smooth sailing at around 80MPH. We took a break at Little America, then stopped for lunch at another tiny town, then another break in Cheyenne to walk around in the park and stretch our legs. All in all not a very exciting day, but beautiful open landscape all around, and we picked up Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and the Country Music Countdown on the radio, so we were thoroughly entertained. It might have been a good thing that I forgot all of our CDs at home. We crossed into Nebraska just after Cheyenne, and made it as far as Big Springs. Another lovely Motel 6 (this one is actually not too bad). We had dinner next door at the saloon and were entirely amused by the guests in the next booth over. If one were to capture the essence of this place in one conversation, that would be the conversation. Onwards toward Omaha tomorrow.

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