Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 13: On the road again

We left the lovely Beehive, our home away from home, at around 9AM with Connie and Rob and crossed the border from Canaan, Vermont into Quebec, Canada. We stopped in Coaticook for some curd cheese (aka squeaky cheese) and delicious maple ice cream.

Connie and Rob drove north with us a ways, through intermittent rain showers, before we stopped for an early lunch and they decided to head on back to Colebrook. We said our farewells and see you soons and Justin, Jasper, and I continued on toward Montreal.

Montreal was crazy. Given it was a week day, that might explain the insane traffic, but still. It's similar to Seattle in that the downtown is situated along the water and there seems to be freeways and bridges every which way. We drove around a bit to get a look at the city, and headed the heck out of town. Maybe all of our small town driving the last week has gotten us out of practice, but next time we hit Montreal we'll definitely need a guide.

We drove toward Ottawa and into Ontario. We stopped for lunch at a bar and grill in some small town and spent the only Canadian money we had (thanks Rob!). Then onward toward Sault Ste. Marie via the Trans-Canada Highway, route 17. It got dark earlier than we would have liked, but we were able to make it all the way to North Bay. I was on moose patrol, but no such luck. Maybe that's a good thing.

See pictures from Day 13 here.

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