Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 16: Bad to the bone

Check out the World's Only Corn Palace!!

I know, amazing.

South Dakota has been another change in landscape to rolling yellow hills, with hay and sunflower farms off the interstate. From the minute we entered SD the Wall Drug billboards started showing up. Like crazy.

We made it to the Badlands, which is stunning. We sighted some prairie dogs, hawks, bighorn sheep(?), and deer. Then to Wall Drug for a quick stop, and on to Mt. Rushmore.

See photos from day 16 here.


  1. YAY for the Corn Palace. This was my fav part of our Treber Family road trip from college (South Dakota, Wall Drug, Corn Palace, Rushmore). I really enjoy your blog right now!

  2. A corn palace? That must be like some kind of mecca for your people (vegetarians)! And you better bring me back a corn cob pipe.