Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 18: On the road home

We woke up on our last day of the road trip in Livingston, Montana, 11 1/2 hours from Seattle. It was sort of strange knowing we were heading home, and also exciting to think about sleeping in our own house.

We flew through Montana and Idaho and were back in Washington. Near Snoqualmie Pass we saw some traffic notices on the light boards. Evidently I-90 was closed due to blasting. So close, and yet so far... The road was closed for 45 minutes so Jasper and Justin went on a walk, and I read for a while. Finally the road was re-opened and we were on the home stretch.

A mile from home Jasper started howling. It's good to be home.

Final tripometer: 7,052 miles.

See pictures from Day 18 here.

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