Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 4

We left Big Springs at 8:30am. Sunny, but windy on the road. We crossed into the Central time zone at 9:30am and blew past the Buffalo Bill Ranch, and a Pony Express station. There is lots of corn, and lots of hay in the middle of our country. Nebraska is also surprisingly green considering that it's the end of August. We made it to Omaha around 3pm and took Jasper to the Omaha off-leash dog park. She got her crazies out, then we drove to Old Market in downtown Omaha and had dinner and beers at Upstream Brewing Company. Our waitress was from Bellingham. Small country. We got back on the road and out of the heat. We crossed into Iowa and checked the weather to see if we could camp for the night, but the weather report was calling for rain and thunderstorms so we agreed on a motel yet again. Jasper is not fond of high winds, or thunder. In situations of danger, she feels the safest sleeping on top of our heads. In other words, no one will sleep well. I'm beginning to realize that the camping stuff we packed may prove useless on this journey. Mileage at the end of the day: 1,946.

See the photos of Day 4 here

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