Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 6

Woke up in Sandusky, Ohio. I've found I need to keep reminding myself what town we are in. We slept in late, even though we had planned to get on the road early. I checked my email and found out that Kelly and Yann are officially engaged! And not a moment too soon.

We hit the road and it was already 86 degrees just outside of Cleveland at 10:45am. We crossed into Pennsylvania and stopped for lunch in Erie and then came upon another toll road which was our welcome into New York. Thanks, New York. We took I-90 into Buffalo, and then north to Niagara.

Niagara Falls was definitely different than I pictured, but now that I have seen it I can't explain how. Maybe more commercial. Coming from Yosemite I think I expect all glorious waterfalls to be within the context of nature. This one is a block from Hard Rock Cafe. We didn't cross into the Canada side, though I have heard it's a better view from there. We did go to the observation deck and it's worth the $1. Then we were back in the car, heading toward Rochester. I got it in my head that we should camp for the night, so I mapped us to Fair Haven State Park. We decided to stop for dinner around Webster and found a delicious Italian restaurant. And I really do mean delicious, not I-am-desperate-and-will-eat-anything. Justin had smoked mozzarella and asparagus ravioli in alfredo sauce, and I had eggplant, olive, portobello, and artichoke heart linguine and a half carafe of white wine. Awesome.

We got back on the road around 9:30/10PM and had an hour drive til the campground. We hit some fog, but nothing too sketchy. We had a hard time finding the campground, but finally did and it was a really nice place. Manicured lawns, clean bathrooms, and super quiet. However, Jasper gave us little or no sleep, growling at the shadows, crickets, etc. It was also quite warm and bright out with the moonlight. At least we got to use our tent...

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