Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 7: New Hampshire!

We got up early/late this morning. Early, if you consider that with Jasper's whining we probably never went to sleep, and late because sleep deprivation is not really a motivator to get up and at 'em. Sunrise was beautiful and quiet at the campground. We packed up the Subaru more bushy-tailed than bright-eyed and drove down to the beach to see where we ended up--coming in after dark we didn't really know what was there. The beach was totally empty and peaceful. We drove to the camp office and paid our dues--$22.75 for an out-of-stater. We took highway 104A/104/104B north to I-81 toward Watertown and then onto Highway 11. We passed by a surprising number of small colleges and universities this morning. There are still a lot of farm lands, mostly corn and hay. We passed some signs on farms that said "NO WIND TURBINES" and it seemed strange to be opposed to a wind farm. Until we came upon some, and realized the juxtaposition to the farm lands is significant. When we saw them crossing Wyoming they seemed to make sense, open land, lots of wind, and little anything else. But in a lovely agricultural area they jut out of the fields and take away from the natural calm.

Everything is very green along Highway 11 and the temperatures were in the mid 80s the whole way. We heard on the radio that Hurricane Earl is making its way to the coast but it hasn't given us any weather yet. We crossed the state line on the bridge from NY to Vermont around 3pm and were on the home stretch. We took 105 most of the way, winding through more tiny towns. Just outside of Island Pond we spotted our first moose! It was that moose time of day and he was just munching on the side of the road. We've finally made our way back into rolling hills. We continued on through farmlands and winding roads, crossed the Connecticut River and hooray, New Hampshire! We drove into Colebrook and up to the Beehive (Connie and Rob's house) around 6:30pm. End mileage: 3,386. Whew.

We unloaded the car, cleaned up for dinner and drove back to Vermont (luckily just across the river) to Hylie and Mario's for family dinner and lots to celebrate: Gloria's 50th birthday, Mindy leaving for her last year of college at Middlebury, Fran & Marc's wedding anniversary, and our arrival. We'll be spending the next few days in full relaxation mode up at the lake cabin on Little Averill so farewell for now!

Pictures from day 7 here

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