Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 8 & 9: Family time in NH/VT

We got a good night's sleep at the Beehive and woke up late, barely making it for breakfast at the cafe up at Jackson's Lodge. Jackson's Lodge has been run by the family since Grandpa Elmont Jackson and Nana Audrey bought it back in the day. It was truly a family operation and all of the Jackson girls: Bonnie, Connie (Justin's mom), Donna, Fran, Gloria, and Hylie lived and worked there with the family. Now the camp is run by Gloria, and Donna with her husband Serge run the Lakeside Restaurant in the lodge.

On the morning we were there we were greeted at the cafe by a sweet 9-year-old blonde girl. She took our order and put it in to her Aunt Gloria, and we realized it was none other than little Veve...who we hadn't seen since she was 2 years old. We snuck back into the kitchen and said hello to Bonnie, Gloria, Donna, and Stephanie (Veve's mom) as well as little Bre on dishes. The Jackson tradition continues.

We played around at Lake Wallace for a while then headed up to the cabin at Little Averill. Justin's cousin Ryan and wife Stephanie, along with Veve, Gaege, and Bre joined us up at camp for a boat ride, campfire and s'mores, and a serious game of Jenga. Nothing like a nice evening at Little Averill.

See photos from day 8 and day 9 here.

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