Friday, January 7, 2011

Aprons and banners

Now that the craziness of Christmas has passed and the gifts have been opened, I can show you what I made for Avery and Nolan.

Avery has just discovered that she loves working in the kitchen with her mom and being a helper (she's almost two), so for Christmas her parents got her the cutest play kitchen. Last night on video chat I watched her moving quickly around her kitchen making soup, and tea, and checking on the pizza, and pulling "hot" items off the stove with her oven mitt. What better for a little chef than an adorable apron?

And in anticipation of Nolan's first birthday (okay, it's not til August, but I get excited), I made him a name banner. If you haven't noticed from past posts I'm in love with blue and white ticking, so surprise! Blue and white stripes, with cranberry red grosgrain ribbon, and felt lettering (hand sewn with embroidery thread, I might add...).

Click HERE for a semi-tutorial on the apron, and a couple close-ups of the banner.

1 comment:

  1. She will LOVE that apron. Kenzie will barely take hers off once it is on. And the Nolan banner- well may I put in my order? I would like one for each of my kids. Their room theme is Beatrix Potter/ vintage with blue, white and orange as the main colors. Email me what that might set me back.