Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday little Avery J!

This birthday shoutout goes to sweet Avery J! Happy 2nd birthday! It was an absolute joy to spend your big day with you.

Here are some highlights from the party weekend:
1) Baking birthday cupcakes with Miss A.

2) Avery: I want a cupcake for breakfast please.

Mom: You want a cupcake for breakfast??

Avery: Um, sure.

(Mom got suckered again...)

Avery's cherry themed party

Justin even made some special glass cherries for the occasion!

And cousin Nolan came to celebrate!

Avery helped dad build her new birthday trike

Here's to your twos, Avery!


  1. Such great photos Brooke! I love these. She is SO cute with the cupcakes :)

  2. avery and her cupcakes are just too cute!

    i love the checkered tablecloth also.