Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring in Seattle

There is a chance you wouldn't believe me if I told you that Seattle can be sunny, and warm, and not-raining. Also, I have to remind myself that it is true. And so, the photographic evidence:

A hip-hip hooray for SUNSHINE and picnic lunches in the park! I know, I sound like I've been living in a cave for a year. But before you decide to move to wonderful, sunny Seattle, be warned. According to the Seattle Times: "After reaching a blissful 70 degrees on Friday, it's back to May-uary weather for us."
Thanks, Seattle Times, thanks...


  1. But a true and non-sarcastic thanks to Brittany for the delicious picnic lunch. And congratulations on your new job. Even if that means the possibility that you will rescue me from a day at the office for a fabulous picnic is now extremely not in my favor.

  2. What a lovely idea, maybe I should snag you for a picnic sometime? Maybe he that you have disowned could join us?

  3. May-uary? Hee hee. That is just cruel.

  4. Christie--YES, I welcome any excuse to eat. With you as company, even better. I might make an exception and allow my former co-worker (a.k.a. your current husband) to accompany us. I'm still grappling with my abandonment, but I'm slowly recovering.