Friday, July 29, 2011

Kelly is HERE!

I am way behind in my posting (if one can be behind in a non-mandatory cataloguing of life) but I will spend the next two weeks pretending that Kelly lives here again: happy hours, wine dinners, cocktail parties, bbq's, a wedding reception, a birthday party, and yes, climbing. I'm off to adventures in the sunshine with some of my favorite people!

Friday, July 1, 2011

She told me she loved me like fireworks...

This weekend Justin and I celebrated our eighth anniversary (8 YEARS!) out on the Olympic Peninsula. I will note that in the PNW one doesn't often get out to the nice sandy beach in the sunshine. We have water galore--Lake Washington, Puget Sound, Hood Canal, but real sand beaches...not so much. Though the forecast called for an alarming amount of rain and clouds, we drove to the Edmonds ferry and took the ride across to Kingston en route to Quileute Reservation in La Push, near the tip of the peninsula. It's near a tiny town called Forks, which you may have heard of due to a little book series called Twilight. Yeah, me neither.

We got a cute little A-frame cabin at the Oceanside resort. It was a cross between camping and a hotel which was perfect for our 4-legged child. The resort is right on its own little beach, First Beach.

There is literally nothing in the "town" of La Push. This is not a criticism, however, just a fact. I had read that we should bring groceries, which we did. I didn't realize there is actually nothing, except for the resort store, two fireworks stands, and one tiny restaurant. Oh, and one adorable little bird.

What La Push lacks in restaurants and services it makes up for in beaches, and bald eagles. First Beach, Rialto Beach, Second Beach and Third beach are all within a short range, and gorgeous.

While Jasper cowered in her fallout shelter in the cabin we bought a ridiculous amount of explosives and set them on fire. Nothing makes you feel like a kid faster than lighting the fuse on the end of a Ground Bloom and throwing it. Justin was the king of the big mortars while I watched the show and ate Jiffy Pop. Awesome.

Other weekend highlights include sleeping in, sitting on the beach, eating pie, slacklining outside our cabin, and the delicious salmon, coleslaw, and corn on the cob we BBQ'd on the porch. The hike to Second Beach was pretty great too.

See the rest of the pics here.