Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nolan!

I can't believe this guy is already ONE.

Time flies. And Nolan runs. Everywhere.

I had the absolute joy of attending Nolan's first birthday. It was an adorable outdoorsmen theme. Very appropriate for the son of an avid flyfisherman.

Though he started off a little intimidated by the paparazzi...

...he wasted no time diving in to the cake.

Cousin Avery came to celebrate Nolan's big day too,
as well as Grandpop, and all the rest of the family.

And there were presents galore. But Nolan's favorite part...

was the wrapping paper, of course!

Nolan, thanks for being a riot all year long. From the moment you appeared in this world you wanted to run, run, run, and we look forward to all of your adventures full speed ahead!

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