Monday, August 8, 2011

the sweet life: kelly & yann

Last weekend I had the absolute delight of spending three days (of glorious weather!) with the Roberts-Genton clan in celebration of Kelly and Yann’s wedding.

Yann and Kelly were officially married in September in a somewhat last-minute civil ceremony in Paris. It was last minute because Kelly was still in the process of getting her visa and other infinite paperwork (the words ‘consulate’ and ‘waiting’ were in her daily vocabulary) and once that was finally approved the court could assign them a date. The date assigned happened to be right in the middle of our cross country road trip, and though I looked for flights from Chicago to Paris and back to Burlington, Vermont (in 3 days) and about 5 other combinations of en route cities to fly out and back, it just couldn’t be done. And so Justin and I celebrated their union from Niagara Falls.

Thankfully, Kelly was adamant about having the opportunity to celebrate their wedding with friends and family back here in the States, so a reception was planned in Olympia. Since Yann’s family was also coming over from Paris, a whole weekend of events also ensued. Friday night was a cocktail party at Aunt Libby’s (with root beer floats for dessert to the bewilderment of the French guests—"What is in root beer?"), a delicious breakfast the next morning, a girls hike to Priest Point, a golf day for the guys, a BBQ at Kelly’s dad’s (with a white elephant gift exchange—more bewilderment from the French at the absurdity of the "gifts"), and finally the reception Sunday afternoon.

Kelly’s theme for the reception was a French picnic.

Of course it turned out fantastic.

Good food, great people...

...and a beautiful couple.

Love you, Kel! So happy for you and Yann.

Coming soon...Kelly's 30th birthday bash!

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