Friday, September 2, 2011

simple + smart

one of the reasons i love the blog capes, coffee, and the color orange is that it is smart and thoughtful, much like annie vp herself. it also has the effect of making me think about life in simple categories: something empowering, latest trends/addictions, and something noteworthy. today, in homage to capes, coffee, and the color orange, here are my own latest and greatest:

cape [empowering]: don't let a wishbone grow where a backbone ought to be. make it happen. even if that means one small step at a time.

coffee [addiction/trend]: s'mores in the microwave. because you don't have to be camping to want some (more). put the marshmallow on the graham cracker, zap it for about 9 seconds (so fun to watch it get huge), then add the chocolate and the top. want a super deluxe s'more? use Theo Bread & Chocolate and add a slice of fresh strawberry. delish.

orange [noteworthy]: pinterest is my new favorite internet tool. sign up for an account, download the button, and start "pinning"-- it makes it easy to collect inspiring photos, recipes, and craft ideas you find while surfing the web all in one place. check it out!

(photo pulled from - now on my pinterest!)

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