Monday, November 21, 2011

HOW is it November already?

It is currently pouring outside, freezing, and the lovely fall leaves are almost gone. It's times like these I wish we had a woodstove so I could spend the day curled up like a lazy cat. But I can't really complain...Mar will make fun because she is certainly much colder.

We've been super busy this month keeping our shop stocked (which, I realize, is not a bad problem to have...) and are almost to our 200th sale! If you want to enter our giveaway, you can "like" us on Facebook. The giveaway will be announced when we hit #200. I still can't believe it has been a year since we opened the online shop. Time flies!

I decided this summer that I would teach myself how to silkscreen...and then my silkscreening supplies sat collecting dust for months. But I finally got organized and made a few designs. I love the way they turned out! I have been spending the evenings silkscreening and we are now carrying baby onesies, and burpcloths and toddler tees will be in the shop soon. I haven't really ventured into the adult t-shirt arena yet. Part of me is intimidated by all the awesome shops out there already, and I also wonder if I would be spreading myself too thin. But I am having a blast with the kid stuff.

And speaking of kids, my adorable niece, Avery Juliet came to visit last week, along with my sister and mom. Such a fun visit. A full post about that coming soon...because I can't not share pictures of that adorable girl.

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