Monday, December 12, 2011

Chaos and respite

Let me begin by saying: I am not complaining.

However, with that preface in mind, our shop has been insane. Justin and I have both been working late nights, him later than me, and we basically haven't seen each other since Thanksgiving. As the sole glassblower in our operation, he has been working full time from 6:30AM to 11PM. I'm off working my day job for 10 hours, and then I come home and pack up orders, respond to inquiries, relist items, (maybe some online scrabble...and play with the dog, and make dinner) and pack more stuff until I'm ready to pass out. It's nearly comical. When we do see each other we usually are laughing about how we are losing our minds, as one of us goes out the door.

Things have been so chaotic, in fact, that Justin forgot he was teaching a 2-day glass course this past weekend. So as he flew out the door 10 minutes after he was supposed to be there (and then again 5 minutes later when he remembered his wallet), it was decided that I would have to drive some of our items to the La Conner gallery. Not that I minded. So off I flew (and then again 5 minutes later when I remembered my camera).

As soon as I was out on the open highway I felt all of my stress falling away. It was a gorgeous day in Skagit Valley, or at least as nice a winter day as you can have. I took the slow back roads. It's swan season, which I've heard the farmers don't particularly appreciate, but they were pretty to see in the fields nonetheless.

I love the way the roads turn in 90 degree angles along crop lines. I love the farm stands where you just weigh the items yourself and drop the money in the bucket. And oh, the barns. The whole valley is entirely photogenic, and every time I drive up there I wonder how we can make it work to buy a farm. Any one of these will do.

It was so nice to get out of town, even for a little while. But back to work for now...

[You can view my larger photos here]

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Poem

Near the Wall of a House

Near the wall of a house painted
to look like stone,
I saw visions of God.

A sleepless night that gives others a headache
gave me flowers
opening beautifully inside my brain.

And he who was lost like a dog
will be found like a human being
and brought back home again.

Love is not the last room: there are others
after it, the whole length of the corridor
that has no end.

Copyright 1986 by Yehuda Amichai. From Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichai. Edited and translated by Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell (1986). HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., New York, NY