Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bond, James Bond

In honor of our awesome friends, Brittany and I threw our second annual Valentine's bash. (You might recall the first).

This year's theme was James Bond, if for no other reason than I was determined to wear a swanky dress and wanted another excuse to make our friends take ridiculous photos.

We were not disappointed.

Luckily our friends enjoy both dressing up, and taking an obscene number of pictures of themselves. I also appreciated the loose interpretation of the Bond theme. We were well represented with Bond girls, James Bond in tuxedo, James Bond in wet-suit, Jaws, LeChiffre, Emilio Largo, Pussy Galore, and even a little Goldmember action.

If you're planning to throw your own James Bond party, in addition to our DIY photo booth, we also had James Bond movies projected onto the wall, 007 on Nintendo 64, a poker room, darts, cigars, and a well-stocked martini bar. Good times. I'm already thinking up themes for next year...

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