Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Poem

I have been posting Friday poems intermittently for some time, and while I know that the poems I post here stand alone and need no explanation I would like to say a word about poetry in general.  Having been drawn to poetry my whole life, I sometimes forget that not everyone has the connection to it that I do. In the same way that you might return to a stunning photograph, or savor that delicious glass of wine, or stand in awe before a perfect painting, to me, a well-written poem is incredibly powerful. If you are not typically a reader of poetry, I hope that you enjoy these.  And if you are new to my blog, you can go to the Friday Poems archive a read a few more.

Before She Died

When I look at the sky now, I look at it for you.
As if with enough attention, I could take it in for you.

With all the leaves gone almost from
the trees, I did not walk briskly through the field.

Late today with my dog Wool, I lay down in the upper field,
he panting and aged, me looking at the blue. Leaning

on him, I wondered how finite these lustered days seem
to you. A stand of hemlock across the lake catches

my eye. It will take a long time to know how it is
for you. Like a dog's lifetime -- long -- multiplied by sevens.

Copyright 2000 by Karen Chase.
from Kazimierz Square, 2000
CavanKerry Press, Fort Lee, N.J.

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