Friday, May 31, 2013

You say goodbye, I say hello

Ordinarily, after dropping out of the blog-o-sphere, I usually have some lame excuse about how I've been 'super busy'.  In this case, not only have I been busy, but we pretty much reinvented our entire way of life. At the beginning of this year we left our little house of nearly 9 years and all of our wonderful friends and we set off for Oregon.

It had been a long term goal of ours to move to Oregon (see my preliminary and clearly articulated plan HERE) but it was still surreal to actually pack up our entire house and drive off into the sunset.  Of course it didn't actually happen as easily as that because I had to leave a job, start a new job, and find a new place to live all in one week, then hire and schedule movers and leave Justin to pack up our entire house while I lived out of suitcases and Jasper-the-sensitive-Springer-Spaniel tried to figure out what exactly happened to everything.

Fast forward to May and life is still semi-chaotic, but we are settling in to the low-key Oregon lifestyle-- which involves almost no traffic, reusable grocery totes, microbrews, gorgeous hikes and beautiful rugged beaches. We have yet to decide on the perfect property for our utopian organic farm, but for the time being we are just enjoying the view.